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Take control of your personal finances today with the Banzai Financial Education Center. From current articles on financial  fraud and cybersecurity to financial calculators and budgeting your finances we at Twin Valley Bank are here to help you achieve your financial success.

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Cybersecurity Tips

At Twin Valley Bank, we are committed to keeping you safe online by making security our top priority. We encourage you to be vigilant in protecting your private information and learn to recognize phishing attempts. Visit the link below for Internet Safety Tips.

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Twin Valley Bank will never contact you by phone or email requesting your Online Banking Credentials or Account Information. If you receive a phone call or email requesting this information, please stop the communication and contact your local branch. If you feel someone has gained unauthorized access to your account and/or online banking, please contact us as soon as possible at 937-839-4628. 

To safeguard your business account from fraud we encourage our commercial customers to perform an internal risk assessment and controls evaluation. If you would like more information regarding risk assessments, please reach out to our Information Security Officer at 937-839-4628. 

Identity Theft

Staying updated in todays ever changing electronic world can be a daunting task. At Twin Valley Bank our goal is to keep you informed on the current trends to help you achieve financial success. Read up-to-date articles to help you stay informed and visit the link below for tips on preventing identity theft. 



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Reach out today to one of our team members at Twin Valley Bank if you think you are a victim of fraud or identity theft. We are here to help.

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  • Important Notice Regarding Fraud: A Scammer can contact you requesting payment through a Wire Transfer or transfer via Zelle®. These methods allow money to be sent quickly, and funds are often hard to trace and recover. You should never wire money or send money using Zelle® to any stranger, no matter what reason they give you such as: Claims to be from a government agency, A telemarketer trying to sell you something, Anyone claiming your account is compromised, Unverified cryptocurrency sites or salespeople, or if you are asked to send money urgently.  If you receive any call related to potential fraud- Hang up, Look Up, and Call Back.  If you believe you are a victim of fraud please contact a customer service representative immediately by calling 937-839-4628 to safeguard your account.


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