Farm Loans

When your livelihood is dependent upon changing weather, changing technology and changing commodity prices, you expect and deserve a time-tested partner that understands your business. Twin Valley Bank was founded in 1888 in a farming community with strong agriculture roots. We understand your business and are prepared to weather the cyclical nature of the markets with you while helping you grow your income and net worth.

Farm Lending Options

Although technology has certainly changed the way we bank today, what has not changed is the relationship with your banker. Go local and experience real community banking, where we thrive when our customers and communities thrive.

Twin Valley Bank offers many products and services to help you reach your goals. From lines of credit to equipment loans, we have the products you need to succeed. Our Ag Lenders provide lending solutions for a variety of situations – contact us today to see how we can help!

Lines of Credit

Revolving lines of credit are available to farm owners and operators. Payment schedules can be established to match your income from crop or livestock sales. We can provide revolving lines of credit to help finance your seasonal requirements for your farming operation. With this operating loan, you can take advantage of cash discounts, lock in your input prices by paying ahead and receive tax benefits by prepaying expenses.

Equipment Financing

Equipment upgrades and replacements are inevitable when you depend on sophisticated machinery to run your farming operation. Twin Valley Bank offers equipment loans for many types of agricultural equipment from row crop and farm machinery to grain bins and livestock equipment.

Farm Real Estate Loans

Twin Valley Bank offers competitive financing for your long-term real estate purchase or refinance. When the farm next door is coming up for sale or you want to refinance your existing farm loan to a lower rate, contact one of our Ag lenders today for an interest rate quote. 

Get Started

Twin Valley Bank means business when it comes to meeting the agricultural lending needs of farmers in our market. Our Local lenders understand the local market and have the independence to offer flexible and creative solutions. Why wait? Call today to schedule a meeting.

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