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One of life’s major milestones is the day you purchase your first home. At Twin Valley Bank, we believe you should not have to navigate this process alone. We are dedicated to providing expert advice from the beginning of your home financing journey to the very end.

Home Lending Options

Having the right information is key when starting the financing journey of purchasing your home and Twin Valley Bank can help you get started with our education center, rate calculators and lenders ready to help that will make your experience easier and more convenient from the very beginning.  So whether it’s your first home or forever home, we look forward to helping you on the pathway to your new home. 

Twin Valley Bank offers many products and services to help you reach your goals of buying your dream home. Our mortgage lenders provide lending solutions for a variety of situations – contact us today to see how we can help!


As a prospective homebuyer you can spend hours looking for the perfect home that fits your current life’s needs. Twin Valley Bank is here for you to match your wants with your financial needs.  Our mortgage lenders are committed to helping our clients along the home buying process, helping them achieve their dreams.    Apply Here

Home Equity Line of Credit

Let us help make your home work for you! At Twin Valley Bank, we can help you with a Home Equity Line of Credit that would enable you to borrow against the equity in your home for such things as home renovations, repairs, debt consolidation, vacation, or medical expenses.

Lot and Land Loans

Available for plotted subdivision lots, tear down properties, and/or raw land. Our lot and land loans are appropriate for borrowers who have found the perfect lot but may not be ready to build yet or borrowers looking to expand their current lot size.

Construction Loans

Available for the construction of your dream home.  Our construction loans allow for draw periods of up to 12 months.

Get Started

Twin Valley Bank means business when it comes to meeting the Mortgage needs current and future homeowners in our market. Our Local lenders understand the local market and have the independence to offer flexible and creative solutions to get you in the home of your dreams. Why wait? Call today to schedule a meeting.

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