At Twin Valley Bank we are committed to helping you prepare for the future. Whatever your savings future money goals are, a Twin Valley Bank Savings, Certificate of Deposit (CD), or IRA can help you get there. Together, we’ll give you the peace of mind that comes from saving for your goals and having the means to help cover unexpected expenses.


Twin Valley Bank has the right savings option for you. Our savings accounts are a flexible, simple way to put money aside while maintaining access to your funds and earn interest on your balance. Please see comparison chart for account details.

We offer the following services with our Savings Accounts:

  • Online Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • ATM Card
 Account TypeRegular Savings* Presidential Savings* 
Compare Our Savings Accounts 

Minimum deposit to open



Minimum balance requirement to avoid monthly service charge



Monthly Service Charge (If balance falls below minimum)



Interest Bearing


Yes - Tiered Rate Structure

*You may make no more than six pre-authorized withdrawals, automatic or telephonic transfers, checks, drafts, debit card and similar transactions from this account per month or statement cycle.

Christmas Club

Make the Christmas season a time of joy, not financial stress. Open a Christmas Club account with as little as $5 a week and make deposits every week for 49 weeks. The 50th Week will be credited in the form of interest. Mid October we’ll send you a check or credit your checking or savings account for the balance, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your Christmas shopping done.


  • Save year round for holiday expenses*
  • Weekly deposit amounts of $5, $10, or $20
  • Make all 49 deposits and the 50th week will be credited in the form of interest**
  • Automatic account transfer available
  • Receive funds Mid October
  • FDIC insured


*Can only be opened late October thru January 31st
**You will receive an amount equal to the Club agreement set up at account opening as interest for the final payment, provided that all 49 payments have been paid. If you close the account prior to the 49th payment due date or fail to make all 49 payments, you will not receive the interest.

Certificates of Deposit

CDs are an excellent savings tool with options to fit your specific goals. You can easily keep your money safe for a fixed amount of time, while earning a higher interest rate than a checking or savings account. 


  • Earn interest at competitive rates
  • Accrues Interest
  • Interest can be compounded to the CD, mailed quarterly by check, or deposited to your checking or savings account.
  • Available for terms of 6 months up to five years
  • Minimum deposit to open is $1,000.00
  • Automatically renewable
  • Ten days grace period at maturity

Individual Retirement Accounts

Spending time with the grandkids or traveling the world — it's never too early to start thinking about your future. Start saving for it with a Traditional or Roth IRA from Twin Valley Bank. Our IRAs are set up in the form of Certificates of Deposit available in terms of 6 months up to five years.

 *Consult your tax professional for more information on contribution limits and deductibility.

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Site Notice:

  • Important Notice Regarding Fraud: A Scammer can contact you requesting payment through a Wire Transfer or transfer via Zelle®. These methods allow money to be sent quickly, and funds are often hard to trace and recover. You should never wire money or send money using Zelle® to any stranger, no matter what reason they give you such as: Claims to be from a government agency, A telemarketer trying to sell you something, Anyone claiming your account is compromised, Unverified cryptocurrency sites or salespeople, or if you are asked to send money urgently.  If you receive any call related to potential fraud- Hang up, Look Up, and Call Back.  If you believe you are a victim of fraud please contact a customer service representative immediately by calling 937-839-4628 to safeguard your account.


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